Writing 作文练习

  1. Your client Jessica, a salesperson of Dike Import and Export Corporation, has recently written to you to make a complaint about the wrong goods she has received from your company. Write a letter to Jessica. In your letter, you should try to explain the reasons for the problem and make an apology. Describe what action you will take. You should write no less than 150 words. 题目理解:有客户名叫Jessica, DIKE IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION这家进出口公司的销售,写邮件给你抱怨从你们公司收到的错误的产品。写一封邮件给JESSICA。邮件中需要解释问题的原因并表达歉意。描述你将采取什么措施。至少写150字以上。

Dear Jessica,

I am writing the letter to express my sincerely apologize to you for shipping the wrong item and acknowledge the mistake.

In my recent survey, it can be seen clearly that our transport company make mistake. I apologize and regret for any inconvenience caused by our mistake. If you agree, we will send out the right product to you by airmail, and it should arrive no later than 20th Feb. So it will catch up the exhibition schedule. And would you help us return the incorrect item within 7 days, we will pay for the shipping cost.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding and once again, we apologize for the error and we will do our best that this will not happen again. If you have any other recommend please don’t feel hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to you reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Halo Wang

  1. You are applying for a job position of a salesperson from SANY. Write an application letter to the manager of the Human Resource Department. State your reasons for being qualified for the job, expressing your expectation of an immediate reply. 题目理解:你在申请三一的一个销售工作岗位。写一封申请信给湖南人力资源部经理。说明你能胜任这份工作的理由并表示期望得到快速回复。

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing the letter to express my strong interested in the positon of salesperson from your company advertise in the website of LIEPIN.

My qualifications for the position are as follows. First of all, I am a graduate student of E-business department from Peking University. I have got the scholarship three times during the study period. In addition, with 2 years’ experience, I have got outstanding performance as a salesman in the company of DELL. Last but not least, I am a good team player, full of energy and self-motivated man. I would like to use my capabilities more fully in a new position in SANY.

Thank you for your attention, I should appreciate it a lot if you could schedule an interview with me at your convenience. I am looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.


  1. As marketing Director at SANY, send an e-mail to your client John Wong in America, with details of his visit to Changsha. 题目理解:作为三一的市场总监,请发一封邮件给你美国的客户JOHN WONG,告知客户他来访长沙的详细行程。

Dear John Wong,

I am writing the letter to express my warmest welcome you to visit SANY from 20th,Feb, to 22th Feb. We schedule the details about the 3 days visit as follows.

20th Feb. In the morning, we will pick you up at Huanghua Airport in Changsha when you arrive. In the afternoon, you will visit SANY group headquarter of the modern industrial park.

21th Feb. We will go to Kunshan together from Changsha have a visit of excavator factory which you are interested in. And then we will have a deep communication of your enquiry with each other.

22th Feb. You would have a short travel in the City of Shanghai, then departure from Shanghai to New York.

Thanks a lot for your attention, if you hava any other recommend please do not feel hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

  1. Please note that the scheduled 20th February meeting has been canceled. The next meeting will be held on 25th , 9:00-11.00 am, level 6 Meeting Room. 题目理解:请注意原定于2月20日的会议已取消。下一次会议将在25日上午9点到11点,6号会议室举行。

The Conference Notice

The meeting which should be hold on 20th February has been canceled, and we feel sorry for the inconvenience caused. The next meeting will be held on 25th , 9:00-11.00 am, level 6 Meeting Room. Thanks.

Chinese into English

  1. 从一定意义上讲,你的产品不仅代表一个企业的品质,甚至是一个国家的品质。所以,拿出有核心竞争力的拳头产品,去国际市场上竞标,是为企业争效益,也是为国争荣誉。
  2. In a sense, your products not only stand for a company’s quality, but even for a country’s quality. Thus, using the competitive products to bid in the International market can both win benefit for the company and glory for the nation.
  3. 我们非常希望在平等,互利,互换所需的基础上与您建立商业伙伴关系。
  4. We sincerely hope to establish business relationship with you on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods.
  5. 要是我们下一张大订单买你们的货,如果能告知你们会给我们打多少折,我们将非常感激。
  6. We would appreciate it a lot if you let us know what discount you can grant us if we give you a larger order of your products.
  7. 我们很遗憾的声明:我们的消费者认为你的价格太高了,而且和普遍的市场价比,高的过分了。
  8. We regret to say that our consumer think your price is too high, and Compared with the normal market level it is out of line.
  9. 从我们的顾客 Harry 先生那里荻悉,贵司想在我们的市场拓展业务,且贵司目前还没有代表。我们很乐意 推荐我司作为贵司产品的最合适的代理商。
  10. As we have learned from our customer Mr. Harry that your company wants to expand business in our market and there are no representatives at present. So we would like to recommend our company as the most suitable agent for your products.

English to Chinese

  1. Through the courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, we have learned that you have been supplying the best quality foods all over the world, and we are sure there is a large demand for various exotic foods in our country. We are writing to you in the hope of establishing business relations with you.
  2. 承蒙东京商会的介绍,我们了解到贵公司一直在为世界各地供应最优质的食品,我们相信我们国家对各种外来食品有很大的需求。我们写信给您,希望能与您建立业务关系。
  3. Now we are especially interested in importing Printed Shirting from your country. We would therefore highly appreciate it if you would send us by airmail catalogues, sample books and all necessary information regarding Printed Shirting, so as to 以便acquaint us with使…认识 the material and workmanship of your supplies.
  4. 目前我们很想从贵国进口印花衬衫.如果贵方能将目录、样品簿和有关印花衬衫的一切必要信息通过航空邮件寄给我们,以便我们了解其材料和工艺,我们将非常感激。
  5. As the next session of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair 中国出口商品交易会/广交会in Guangzhou is to be held from April 15 to April 27, 2000 in the city of Guangzhou in southern China, we would like to suggest that you attend it. The general manager and sales representatives of our company will be there to meet you and conduct negotiations with you. Some of the new products will be on display at our stands at the Fair. After the visit to the Fair you are welcome to come to the city of Nanjing to see some of the factories you are interested in.
  6. 下一届中国出口商品交易会将于2000年4月15日至4月27日在中国南方的广州举行,我建议您参加。我们公司的总经理和销售代表将与您会面,并与您进行谈判。一些新产品将在我们的展台上展出。参观完交易会后,欢迎您来到南京参观一些您感兴趣的工厂。
  7. Your enquiry for Pens has been passed on 传递us for attention by our Commercial Counselor’s office in your country. We specialize in producing Hero Brand Pens of various types, with a history of 64 years. The enclosed catalogue will make you acquainted with 使…认识some of our products.
  8. 你方对笔的询盘已由我们在贵国的经商处转交给我们。我们专业研究生产各种类型的英雄牌钢笔,已有64年的历史.附录以供参考。
  9. In the process of a letter of credit transaction, there are essentially four parties involved. Namely, the buyer, also called the importer or the applicant; the seller, also referred to as the exporter or the beneficiary; the issuing or opening bank and the advising or confirming bank.
  10. 在信用证交易的过程中,主要参与者有4方。即买方,也叫进口商或申请人;卖方,也被称为出口商或受益人; 发行或者开证银行,通知行或保兑行。